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Polip in womb

I have been having problems with my periods since 2015 . I had a polip removed February 2015 from my cervix then December 2016 I had another poilp removed from cervix . I then had cni3 cells removed Feb this year . My stomach has been bloated since May this year and periods horrendous. I went for a ultra sound and they found I got a polip in my womb . Waiting for a letter so I can arrange a appointment with a guyie. I am so scared and keep feeling sick as this polips giving me a dull ache and I gone up a size in my trousers due to the swelling. I feel depressed and really just want to removed so I can have some quality of life back . My hubby fed up of me moaning and my friends just think I am being a drama queen . Any idea what type of hell I will go through getting this issue sorted ? Really fed up now

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