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Six Ways Yoga Will Enhance Your Relationship

Six Ways Yoga Will Enhance Your Relationship

Often counselors and therapists suggest to couples who are coping with stress in their relationship to go for a vacation or start a new hobby together. Practicing a joint activity together will revive the spark of love and rekindle the passion back into the relationship. There are many activities a couple can do together to revisit the warmth of the initial relationship. Being both healthy and befitting to the idea of love, Yoga is an activity that will alter your mental as well physical health and allow the two of you understand how love is the base of everything that there is, as yoga means union. And when we talk about yoga, we bring in partner yoga, which allows both the partners to guide each other into better shape, relaxed mindset and a healthy self.

Here are some of the reasons why you should do try partner yoga starting now, to experience a surge of freshness in your relationship. This will also help you in finding a balanced mental state and other innumerable personal benefits.


Yoga teaches us to become aware of our thoughts and requires us to witness them as a third person. Most of the problems that exist in a relationship are because we listen to react rather than to understand. With a mindful practice of yoga together, you both will become calmer in nature and grow patient. With patience and tranquility towards one another’s beliefs, thoughts and decisions most of the problems can be removed from a relationship. Rather than shouting, arguing or fighting with each other you will be able to look at solutions. Yoga will offer an amazing transformation for both of you and your relationship and you will thank the day you chose yoga to work on your relationship.


Yet another very important lesson yoga teaches its practitioner is the attitude of gratitude. With the right attitude towards your partner and a constant realization and appreciation of their efforts for you and yours towards them, will help in keeping up the good vibe. When you understand the extra mile your partner took to cook a delicious meal for you and the extra mile you went for your partner is appreciated, you are more motivated to work for them. With a balanced equation of give and take along with kind words of gratefulness, a relationship can achieve a lot more.

Quality time

Partner yoga together is a time you will spend in each other’s company helping each other and supporting each other through the sequence. Creating a trust factor between the two people, partner yoga emerges out to be a better option than joining salsa classes or watching a movie. With yoga you will help the other person grow by becoming a part in the process of growth and when you will allow each other to grow in the class, it will also reflect in other areas of your life; taking a positive step to a reformed future.

Bedroom time

It is needless to say that yoga has been scientifically proven to rekindle the passion in the bedroom. Huffington Post mentions in its article, Three ways yoga improves sex life, “One study, published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, suggests that yoga can treat premature ejaculation and promote sexual satisfaction… Another study, published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, reports that yoga meditation can enhance women’s libido (sex drive) and treat sexual dysfunction.” With increased climax time, flexibility and good foreplay, one can expect to have increrased intimacy with their partner and to achieve all this together can steam things up further.

Yoga has always been available to mankind and offer aid in any situation. Be it a couple’s issue or an individual’s issue, yoga will hardly disappoint you on your quest for good health. If these points catch your fancy, we would suggest enrolling your partner and yourself to a yoga class as soon as possible. Why wait for the good things in life?

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