My past experience with yoga

I have never done hot yoga (I will probably start this week!), but a few years back I did a few months of (standard?) yoga. I remember really enjoying the first few weeks, but after that I just started feeling it was too slow for me. I was pretty young (19 or 20), so maybe I would enjoy more now? 

Not sure how different hot yoga is, but I am excited to start! I really like sauna...

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  • Hey Sim!

    Yoga is really great... gives a lot of different emotions and feelings. You should definitely try it again! Focus on your minds and enjoy slow pace.. Or maybe try ashtanga yoga which is a bit more engaging.

    I also tried hot yoga before, really enjoyed it until I started to feel dizziness and headache after class.. Does anyone else feel the same? What do you do to avoid it?

  • I tried hot yoga vinyasa flow last week - my antidote to headache is eating chocolate before the class and drinking a bottle of water during class and one works for me!  More of the same this evening.

  • Thanks for advice Adeela! Chocoloate is always my best friend..hope it will help! niom niom! :))