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Need help

Hello I had hep A and it's been one moth and I think it's cured , but my itchiness is not fading do you know what's wrong with me ?

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Hi yolo, Your itchiness might stem from a fluid deficiency. Does your skin look dry? Fever might have burned the body fluids. Diarhea (if that was a symptom) further depleted the body of water. This is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Try increasing your fluid intake, not only by drinking more water but by eating more moist foods (soups, stews, water melon, cucumber, pears...) and stay away from spicy foods (heat).

These are just a couple of recommendations and a proper assessment could detect other imbalances and causes.

good luck,

Anne-Marie Sterckx, R.Ac.

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The Hep may have caused some inflammation in the liver. Has this been checked with a liver panel blood test?. If not maybe a good idea to request one as the bilirubin could be high. Itchiness can be linked to the liver having difficulty clearing toxins which then have to come out through the skin. Drinking more water would help and perhaps try hot baths with Epsom salts to draw out these toxins. Best wishes. anne.

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