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Hepatitis B is positive but Hepatitis C is negative , give some more information & suggest what to do.

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Hi Kumar75,

Unlike Hep C, most people who get Hep B will clear the virus spontaneously (that is to say that their own immune system will fight off the virus). However, there is a certain percentage of folks whose immune system is unable to fight off the virus. We would say that those people have "Chronic Hepatitis B". Unfortunately, at this time, there is no "cure" for chronic hep B, rather, treatment is an on-going management of the virus.

In order to better understand your situation, can you please let us know when you were diagnosed with HBV (Hep B), how long you've had it, what treatment options your doctor has suggested, and what kinds of information and support we can provide for you? You can contact me directly if you like, rather than having the conversation "publicly". I will try to help out with info and support however I can.


Adam Dolliver

HepNS Staff


Hello, this is my first post. Is it possible to have chronic hepatitis b but not infect my children or husband. Two years ago, while having a checkup for something else, it was discovered I have it. My family has been tested but they are all clear. My mum must have had it because she has antibodies to it but her body cleared it. From what I know, back in 1975, I gave blood as a blood donor. Then got a letter saying something about hepatitis and telling me to go to see my gp, which I did. GP did blood tests and told me that my liver must have got ill but my liver was now ok. I then just got on with my life. I naively had no idea how serious hepatitis could be. I got married in 1975, had my children in 1981and 1984. Throughout the years had various health problems and struggled to feel well. Whenever I had blood tests for liver they were always ok. Now I see a liver doctor every 6 months for checks. No medication yet. I don't drink at all now and before, it was only the occasional glass of wine. I am now 61 years old. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.