Today is #WorldAIDSDay! Do you know that ~10% of people living w/ HIV in the U.S. are coinfected with HBV and ~25% are coinfected with HCV? Patients with HIV/HBV or HIV/HCV coinfection are at increased risk for serious, life-threatening health complications. Treatment is available, but it is complex, so if you have HIV/HBV or HIV/HCV coinfection, you should look for a healthcare provider with expertise managing both infections.

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  • Yes indeed 1 in 3 humans have caught viral hep and the immunosuppressed get it real quick. My last lecture with a HIV professor he noted HIV patients are dying from hep more than AIDS these days! Yet people think HIV is a big deal! The problem is medical messaging. If you are 60 times more likely to catch hep from blood than HIV from sex why the heavens does no one tell us! Plasters are the new condoms and does the planet really know?