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Foundation aims to assist HCV patients with therapy costs

The foundation, a non-profit whose goal is to provide financial assistance for uninsured Americans, will provide copayment assistance up to $15,000 for HCV therapy to eligible patients who are insured and have annual household incomes up to 500% of the federal poverty level, according to the release.

“The new generation of hepatitis C treatments has brought excitement to patients who have been hoping for a breakthrough,” Krista Zodet, president of the HealthWell Foundation, said in the release. “Through the generosity of our donors, our hepatitis C fund is able to help more people receive these treatments while minimizing the worry over financial stress.”

“The HealthWell Foundation and other independent copay charities play a vital role in seeing that those who are insured, but can’t afford their medication copay are able to access and stay on treatment,” Tom Nealon, chief executive officer and board chair of the American Liver Foundation, said in the release.

For more information and to verify eligibility for financial assistance for HCV treatment, visit HealthWellFoundation.org.