Epclusa day 7

Ok its been a tough week for my partner. He started epclusa last wednesday. 1 tablet a day for 12 weeks. He has barely slept since starting and he says he feels like hes not here(?) I see him sometimes in the flat walking round then its like someone pressed pause and he just stands still looking like his mind is elsewhere it takes a few calls of his name to bring him back - very strange. Anyway i do think hes coping well and at least its week 1 finished.

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  • Epclusa day 14

    Hes still barely sleeping and hes getting moody and snappy i feel he hates me sometimes i want to help him but cant he still gets up dressed cleans flat cooks tea he says im ok all the time but hes not. I can tell hes not ok but he said hes sick of sitting on sofa watching tv. Anyone got any ideas to occupy his mind so his body can rest???

  • computer games, reading. Will his gp prescribe anything to help him sleep?

  • No hes not allowed anything except paracetamol when his temperature gets high. He had a cold last week and the chemist (he knows me and my partner medical history very well he sees us almost daily for 3 years) said not to even give him beechams or lemsip or anything. He just sock of being sat around watching tv im thinking now that hes starting to feel better because before treatment he was too tired to even think about going anywhere now its like hes dying for something to do.

  • I just been referred for treatment myself so got all this to come, just trying to learn as much as i can, hope your husband gets the all clear and whatever he has to go through now will be worth it if it works. Do u know which genotype he has?

  • Geno type 3. Hes 3 weeks into his treatment now x

  • My Hep C was confirrmed as genotype 3 recently and due to start Epclusa treatment in May. From what l've read so far symptons are usually increased fatigue and headaches though some people seem to not be affected at all. Does your partner's treatment include ribavarin? It may well be his symptons will settle.. 🙂

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