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This treatment is knocking the stuffing out of me. Depending say I'm fit for work!!

Hi I'm 14 weeks through my interferon and ribavarin treatment and have 10 weeks left. I was signed off due to my symptoms with a view to having it and getting clear and going back to work. I was signed off by a decision maker after some confusion with what had been written in the original ATos report.

My referral and starting treatment took a little longer than anticipated but I've been taking the Meds regardless of how it makes me feel. I had the option to wait for my genotype to go up and therefore could have the new shorter treatment which would have less of an impact. I decided that I could be waiting a while so decided to proceed with the old treatment. How can DWP sign me off because of symptoms /pending treatment and when I'm more than half way through then backtrack on their decision????

Has anyone else had similar experiences or any advice first me please? ??? Can't believe how much of an effect it's having on the rest of my health primarily then there's the having no ESA nor housing benefit being paid. if I could go to work in would!!!

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I wish I could help

You have much inner strength carrying on regardless

Is there an appeal tribunal you could apply to/contact your local govt representative

Anyone who could plead your case on your behalf?

All good wishes for your recovery and everything being sorted out for you asap


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