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I have just been diagnosed, complete shock waiting to hear what gene type. Problem is im a chef I am giving up my job and moving into a shared houseful scared as I have no support network and have drank heavily for years. Any heavy drinkers who can advice. I know I shouldn't but im still drinking im very scared for what the future holds .

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  • What were you diagnosed with? Alcoholism? Not clear. How old are you? I was an alcoholic almost all of my adult life 28-54. I did have 3 years sober in AA. I found out I had hep c, age 51. I quit to do treatment for hep c. Those were the hardest drugs I ever did. I only did drugs for 2 years back in 1970. I have never drank again. I have so much cirrhosis. If you ever want to grow up and feel good about yourself then quit. Quit now. Otherwise you will end up a lousy pathetic alcoholic, know the feeling already? I lived in shame and remorse. I am free of those emotions now. No doubt now, I am strong, confident, a cyclist, i look so healthy and think so well no one except the people here believe I am dying of liver disease and liver cancer. Look, I was a successful photographer and teacher, raised two mentally healthy children, both around age of 40 now. I hid my drinking and my remorse. I say buck up to this now. Its hard and expensive and lonely dying of liver disease. Do you want that? Do you want to be a failure in your one lifetime? You will quit sooner or later. Its all on you. This is a great group of helpful experiences. We all have a lot of different experiences so you did come to the right place. I hope you can do this. You will need some form of hard endurance exercise to get thru this. Alcohol damages brain chemicals, you will need to replace those thru endurance exercise or live with a lot of depression and depression can land you in a bar or drunk on the streets. I wish you luck. Its the best thing I ever did for myself. I had to give up everything. A home, my partner, he would not quit and he was much admired as a professor. Alcoholics are emotional con artists. Have a long serious look at this disease you are stuck with. I hope you rise above it, if you do, you might finally experience joy and freedom and self respect. Make yourself strong or remain weak. If you end up in AA, you do not have to like it but it will keep you sober if you stay.

  • Thank you some strong words to think about. I don't know the genotype yet it was from a tattoo sadly. I know I need to stop in 35 been a heavy drinker from as young as 15. I'm a chef and my accommodation is with my job which I have given notice. Hopefully I have a place to move into if I can hold down another job I struggle with life and being responsible I know I'm going to end up homeless because I can't work I have no idea how to get help with housing I'm screwed!

  • Half way house? People at AA have a lot of valuable information. Ask them what to do. I understand why you feel hopeless but you aren't

  • do not quit your job, hep c is not that infectious only transfusable, we on the UK helpline get lots of calls from people in the food industry and it is important to stay in that profession. Also living with people is not infectious, use a vanity bag for your razor and stuff as much to stop them giving you things. With the food aspect all cuts need the standard plasters and blood spills a wipe with 10% bleach 90% water and that it sorted. With your heavy drinking do not panic, the diagnosis has probably already saved you from real harm, you weren't going yellow and liver failing when diagnosed right and it wont happen now, relax take a deep breath let the shock pass before making decisions learn what is happening has the HCV affected you much they will do liver blood tests that will explain things and a liver scan. Remember there are great meds now and doctors to help you coming soon. Leave the alcohol, fatty foods and paracetamol out until you learn more. If in the UK cal 0800 207 1899 Paul

  • I have been pushed out of my job. Some locals found out and I was pushed to leave. I am now homeless and even worse of. I wanted to stay in reading as they was very helpful but found myself back in Norfolk Norwich in fact . I have local ties so hoping the council can help me. I am suffering from depression on a huge scale constant thought of suicide I dint see any solution. Only that I am completely screwed and have no help or family. Im literally on the street. Im not a drug user Im trying to avoid alcohol but even harder now. I have chronic pains and constantly anxious. I dint know what to do i feel my life is over.

  • Hi I've literally just found out yesterday I've got hep c mustve had it over a year now and Im an alcoholic and I give up last week. So hard but got a job to keep me busy. Ive just moved away from norwich been there most of my life and been homeless there too. Moved away from people who will always drink n bring me down. Hostels always got me into more trouble. Hopefully you can get yourself in a hostel keep ur head down and engage with staff for help? Maybe go to nrp and aa? Its soo hard not to drink when you're on the street. Ive had to move away to get my life sorted its still really hard. I have to have an ultrasound on my liver in a few weeks becsuse my doc was worried about my results. Then seperatly at a clinic I find out I've got hep c has scared the shit out of me. Its so habit for me to drink. I hope you are ok. Feel free to chat with me x

  • I really dont want to get into Tge homeless side im trying to separate myself. I dont want to go on a slippery slope and at the moment that can happen very easy. I have to be addicted to drugs or completely fucked up to get help. Why cant someone get help before they head down that road! I just want a room to be safe and just get myself better but I have no money nothing. Literally nothing . I won go to the help places just full of smack heads I feel really anxious anyway. Im in a bit of a tricky one. Aka screwed! :(

  • It's awful in Norwich for help. But they do have hostels you can work from and you get moved out quicker. I'd suggest getting a job hun if u dont want to go down yhe hostel route and get a room somewhere. X

  • Got the results geno 1a!

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