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My experience in India

Hi to everybody !

i would like to share my experience about Hep C new therapy. unfortunately i couldn't get my treatment in Europe due to high cost and a long waiting list.therefore i found another way..after bit of research and a good help from a friend i flew to India where after a doctor consultation in proper international hospital i got my prescribed drug....and therapy worked just fine...i was clear from the virus just after 4 weeks ,,.finished my 12 weeks therapy with sofosbuvir-ledipasvir in May and it s all good so far.

I am available to share my experience and all the info if some people interested

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Hi pac how long did you have hep c? And what genotype? . Congrats on clearing the virus!

Regards Simon

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i discovered to have Hep C recently , last year in August 2105 .No idea how long i have been with Hep c company..probably only few years.I had dental emergency surgery when i was working in Gabon in 2010...so maybe i got it there..but who knows?

Genotype 1B , with low viral load 350,000 UI/ML

I got cured with Sofosbuvir 400mg-Ledipasvir 90mg , which is indicated for Gen 1-4-5-6..and specifically developed for Gen 1a/b

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Hi Pac,

Could you please pass on the information about the folks that helped you from India. Thanks.


According to the UN, 60% of the Indian population do not know where there next meal is coming from. India is definitely not a place for anyone to visit especially for medicine that can be delivered to your home.


Hi ,

Sure..i used services of Medical Company called Arimedio India ..i got everything done in 2 days..no stress....transparent process and good doctors in international hospital ....They organise everything in Delhi , Hyderabad and Chennai...if i would have waited for Italian government to do something i would be still waiting waiting waiting..probably till 2018

they have 2 website cure-hepc.com and Arimedio.com ..same company

email : info@ariemdio.com or contact@cure-hepc.com

hope this info can help !



Delivered to my home?in italy is almost impossible to import pharmaceutical product from abroad.The only legal way to get Hep C medicine is actually to travel there.

I understand for some people might not be the best option.for me the travel was smooth ..everything organised and got the medicine with prescription at pharmacy price..no middle man involved

But if you know a way to get the medicine delivered in europe please let me know and i will inform some friends who can not really travel so far....but the problem is ..is it trusted source..where is coming from....any warranty?you probably know India is full of fake Generic harvoni....

anyway thanks for your message!!


Hi there, I have waited a year for treatment and i am now recommended to purchase drugs from India however I've not been able to find anyone who has imported the drugs. do you need to travel to India to purchase them yourself? Paul


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