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Gday from me to you.


Hi folks,not been in for a few weeks,hope everyone is managing,

Remember,if you have or are about to start treatment, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

It's all good from here on,just keep hold of the bigger picture.

If you are reading this message your on the mend already.

Take care,

Here if anyone wants a chat or a shoulder.

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Hello there;)i did my 3 month post treatment labs and am waiting for the results.i have to wait for my appointment on September 10th.waiting is hard sometimes.i would like to know if its been cured i 🙏 it last 2 labs were undetected so im pleased about that.lately i been dealing with some anxiety over the wait.i guess i need to stop stressing...also i been dealing with psoriasis i wonder if that's related to hep c?.how are you..are you clear of the virus?i 🙏 you are and that other people dealing with this issue get the help there needing;)

Hi there,long time...I hear you loud and clear

Waiting is torturous at times,the good bit is, if your last 2 labs came back undetected, unless you get struck by lightning, it all looks good.

I too am waiting for 3 month post treatment bloods, but having had 2 undetected so far,it would appear to me that it's done.

Not sure about the psoriasis...I had a patch on my elbow that has gone with daily skin moisturiser.

What I am finding is my face is swelling,every other day I wake up with swelling under my eyes,it goes down eventually but is noticeable and frustratingly I have random people asking if I'm o.k.

Because my face is swollen,must look odd but I only notice it when people point it out,apart from being able to see my puffy cheeks when it's fresh swelling.

You must remember (here comes Mr softy) you have been on one hell of a journey with this hep thing,it's time you started being yourself.

My biggest achievement since all this began was to say no,when certain people put demands or pressure on me I stood my ground and low and behold,it's the best thing I've done in years.

I turned my back on a situation that was going to end in tragedy had I kept allowing myself to be used.

The person concerned got on with what only they could do and happily the outcome now looks very positive indeed.

A life lesson was learned and I'd bet my life it will never happen again.

I tried to help a crack user,only with advice and practical help but it turned out that I was wet nursing a situation that...

Long story short,that person has today achieved what a year ago looked impossible.

Had I continued,it just made it easier for the cycle to continue

I was all sorts of crap for doing what I did,but had to do it or prepare another funeral.

That person is now drug free and has her kids back.

Only time will tell but it is possible,I have seen it happen.

Anxiety has me by the hair at times,no real way of dealing with it other than to recognise it for what it is and learn how to cope.

I tried many many things as I'm sure you have too,

My best personal tip is if you do Facebook,suspend your account,I did that,my life changed or rather my habits did very swiftly.

If people want to know,human nature allows the brain to find a way.

Those who wanted to know,took the time to find out instead of merely glancing at a status then making comments.

Don't isolate,get out there and do something different until you find something you can engage with that works for you.

Not like we don't have time on our side.

Sorry to rant but I recently went thru my work/ pay slips and diaries I have kept over the last 12 years.

My average working week was 80 hours,+

I have not had a "holiday" in 12 years.

I worked really hard at being the best of ťhe best in my field,

I started at the bottom and worked my way up the ladder,took on an arts degree and blitzed it.

Now I'm at the top rung,too burnt out now to go anywhere,

So what I used to do for a living, I now do for free.

I work as a special education needs and disability practitioner, or did before my health failed me.

I was very nearly as dead smart as all the others that have worked themselves to an early grave.

Now my (former) students contact me for days out,

Can't put a price on that.

Things got so bad that I started a gofundme account, it went well till people got jealous so I closed it as it caused yet more grief.

Now I'm struggling like the next man, but I'm alive.

Hope you not offended by my chatter it's from the heart,

Pick out the bits that work and remember the rest😀

Anytime you want a chin wag feel free,take care. I wish you well but just remember to be kind...To Yourself.


Your so right..thank u for pointing that out to me.we all tend to be hard on ourselves.i know i can be this way and i remind myself that stress,anxiety all those things don't change a thing.thats really good your tests too are undetectable.we are going to be just fine!God works miracles!!i have 10 more days till i see the doctor..take sometime for yourself by doing something fun like go to the beach,see a movie, i try to keep myself occupied so i don't start to think too much.the swelling to your face do you think its related to some medication?or a allergy to something??definitely see if your doctor can check you out. likewise if you want to chat im here too...God bless and enjoy your day!;)

Hey. I’ve just read you recent post then stumbled across this one!!

This strong positive guy must still be hiding in there somewhere!! Xx