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Advice needed! ❤️

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Hi everyone! I’m brand new here & I’m looking for help/advice.

So my doctor sent me for blood tests after I had intense full body itching & I got the call that I have Hep C. I’m absolutely gutted. I was an IV addict 6 years ago so I’m assuming I caught the virus through this? I’m waiting to be referred to the Hepotology department & this is all The info I know. I’m always so so tired & if I could sleep at work then I would!

Can some one tell me what happens next, should I tell my 18 & 15 year old? Will this kill me? I’m stuck in limbo 😖

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HiThere is nothing to be ashamed of first of all

I caught hep c through using I always thought that it wouldn't happen to me even though I knew other people around me had it.

I have had my treatment and I have never felt better I had no side effects, feeling sleepy all the time is a side effect to having hep c now it's gone I feel loads better.. Its not going to kill you

Getting better is the main thing..

If you want to tell your children it's up to you but don't scare them make sure you tell them you having treatment and there is nothing to worry about.

Hi 👋 lt is distressing when you first learn that you've got Hep C, but treatment is now better than ever before! The new pills are taken daily for a few months, you will have beaucoup blood tests, then hopefully you are cured. The side effects are negligible, believe me if you're feeling exhausted and a little nauseous now, you won't know the difference. The real miracle is how you'll start to feel afterwards, more energy, better sleep, less joint pain, nausea, and bleeding gums.🩸Good luck! 🤞

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