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Treatment started today

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Hi all after a long very frustrating time I finally picked up my meds today I was Harvoni and a schedule for bloods and results that takes me through to next January ..I am feeling positive about this and really hope this awful virus leaves me in peace once complete .i discovered I am genotype 1A and the viral load is just 2 and a half million , I know some of you have been much higher so I'm thinking that's a good thing πŸ˜€.hope everyone is fine and enjoying this beautiful sunshine ..will keep you updated with my progress x

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Hi Kaz amazing news!πŸ™Œ So happy for you😊 the wait might of been long but the victory will be all the sweeterπŸ’ͺ Your right your count isn’t so high mine was 8 and a half million.A lot less to kill for you you’ll be good.Take the time to rest and heal and stay positive.I wish you all the very best of luck with your treatment! Lots of love Cathy xxx❀️

Kaz1959 in reply to Mizzkent

Thank you I am very positive about this ...resting though well I'm off to work right now and all over the weekend I will be helping run a festival maybe not so much lol second day of tablet already and I can hear the little suckers screaming as they start to fade away πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Mizzkent in reply to Kaz1959

Yes they are running for cover with no where to hide🀣🀣🀣 well working might do you good something to take your mind off it just try and be careful not to over do it and drink plenty of water. Xxx

I will thanks so much for your reply xxx

Be positive u will be free soon

Kaz1959 in reply to nadiaxx



Hi I was genotype 1A aswl tho I had different meds to you I was taking 3 different tablets think it was 5 morning 4 night or something like that anyway i had bloods done at week 2 instead of week 4 due to me going yellow and to my surprise when I got the results hcv was not detected so these new drugs are very affective so Got my fingers crossed for you that your fine throw treatment and that you clear this b...ard virus xxxx

Kaz1959 in reply to Hidden

Thanks I'm feeling really good about these meds everything crossed xxx

Go kaz, youlle be ok, harvoni has good reviews 😊 xx

Well done you,it's week 3 for me today,Harvoni, the headaches have vanished, drink plenty of water,keep hydrated,other than that,I feel better than I have in 2 years,it's measurable,noticeable,really hope you do well,I had very similar count,same genotype,we the pioneers of this new drug and I am hugely greatfull for that.

Time will fly now,it has for me,3 weeks has just flown.let us know how you get on but I bet it goes well for you,fingers crossed.


That's week 1 down and apart from some light headedness I feel ok ..I also worked 3 days at a very busy festival over the weekend with no ill effects ..I walked over 30000 steps each day according to my Fitbit ..I feel like just the fact I'm on Harvoni is doing more for my mental health and well being than anything else ..let's get this virus gone xxx

Hey Kaz, was flicking thru here again,wondering how you are doing,

Your only days behind when I started treatment, this Harvoni seems to be doing its job.

I go back for my next lot in a couple of days,

Had some headaches but not worthy of mention after the hell ride just releived that it's doing what it says on the can.

I found water helps,drinking loads,has a knock on affect,up and down to the loo but convinced that each time I do I'm flushing the bugs out of my system.

Wow that went sideways,no need to be so descriptive...

Fingers crossed you are making progress, have you had any side affects?

I got up with a swollen face and eyes on week 3 but it passed quickly and swelling went away no other issues to speak of,

Let us know how your doing, things are on the up and it would be nice knowing you are in a similar position.


I'm ok a week in now and had a few dizzy spells but that's passed and I feel ok managed a 3 day festival xxx

That's brilliant and I wish you all best in your treatment, I finished mine weeks ago, have to get bloods done to see if it's cleared for good but I'm hopeful. Stay hydrated and chill!

Thanks both I'm feeling very good at moment I am hoping I don't get any more side effects ..but then again it's a very small price to pay to be rid of this disease ..someone asked me how I was Sunday and said" it's the stigma round it though ..I was furious but I brushed it off I don't feel stigmatized ..I just want to be well again so glad to hear you're both doing well too xx

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