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First appt


My husband was left feeling lost he met a registra at the hospital who sent him to do a set of bloods she said we will write to u abt the fibiscan and results...i complained to PALS and said we waited 2 months for a blood test!!!!

The consultant also said fatigue is not related to hep c and that my husband should ask the gp to do further tests

She then said u will hear again in 2 months time she has gone to maternity leave good riddence as i believe she was chatting crap

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Hi Nadia, good riddance indeed! How she can say fatigue is not related to Hep c so the millions of people living with it are all imaging it 🤣 sounds like she hasn’t a clue what she was talking about! I hope things get speeded up for your husband ❤️💋

This rages me so much. How completely dumb of her to say that in her position. Sometimes I wonder why these people get jobs. Everyone on and off this site has suffered fatigue. I think it will take a while to stamp out the ignorance associated with hepatitis c. I hope things get sorted soon. Maybe there is someone higher up that can help.

Hi Nadia,so the wait goes on...I think the problem is the liver team are looking at blood tests and calculating how the liver should be functioning they don’t assess overall health impacts,over the long term,I remember you saying about bloating and digestive problems,maybe get the gp to investigate I.b.s or similar bowel problems although the gastro team should of done annoying hang in there 🙋🏻‍♂️Xx

My husband is just being told u anit dying or u dont have cirrosis so u can wait

I know it sucks...I’m the same with my lungs anti biotics and steroids keeping me going but while I’ve still got a bit of breath left they say you have to wait,there’s no point getting angry and complaining just a waste of energy,and can work against you sometimes,try to focus on what he,s able to do for Now,his time will come,unfortunately there must be a queue where you are ,as some people elsewhere are sorted now virtually straight away.can you not try and change to a different catchment area?

How do i do this

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