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many PVC per minute

I am 58, having PVC for 6 years. It is worse last time. I have them almost all the time.

6-8 per minute. Sometimes I am OK, sometimes I feel pressure in my chest so I do not know anymore if it is PVC or something else. I took 2,5mg beta blocator nebilet ( nebivolol ) and last 2 weeks increased to 2 x 2,5. Yesterday I had a bad day - pressure

in my chest almost all day. I went to bed and slept very well 12 hours. We will see how will be today. Anyone has them so frequently? What is the feeling?

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Think it's quite normal to get a few hundred a day, but without drugs I get ectopics all the time, hundreds per hour. You couldn't even take my pulse because they're so constant. My EP (Electrophysiologist, specialist cardio) tried me on different drugs and found one that worked. I think I still get them but they seem very light and I can't really feel anything other than a slight wobbly feeling, and my pulse is strong and fairly steady.

I'm not in any way medical, just my thoughts for what they are worth.

Hope you get a solution.



Thanks Koll. My doc ( not specialist ) never tried any other beta bloc. Maybe he should .


I don't think that a general doc can prescribe the drugs that I required, only the specialist could do it. Betablockers didn't work, they just slowed things down, so I was put on rhythm control drugs.


You are right. It is about time that my doc send me to specialist. He keeps saying that I aM full of adrenaline, stress, bla, bla bla ...


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