I have suffered with hearing loss since the age of 20 after an ear infection which damaged the inner ear. I have had two operations to widen the ear canal from a cowboy in Harley street, but to no avail. Since that time, I have learn to live with it. However about twelve months ago I was given to opportunity to have a bone anchored hearing aid fitted. The device works well, but I have a small problem where I am getting a build up of hard matter aroung the embuture. This makes it painful to sleep on the side. Does anyone out in the community have the same problem and if so what do they do to clear it

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  • Hello there, I'm not sure if this is something that is still relevant or not but as a BAHA wearer myself I also get this problem sometimes.

    Have you tried a cream called Terra-Cortril ointment? I think it is something you have to get from your doctors.

  • Thanks for that,I will see what the doc says