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One of those days

Does anyone else have the odd day where you get down about having to wear hearing aids?

I've worn hearing aids for near on 3 years, most days I'm not bothered but then I get a day like today where I get self conscious of them, hate how they look and just don't wanna use them.

Always seems odd getting these random days, wondered if anyone else did.

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I feel like chucking my hearing aids away sometimes. The squeal I get with my right aid whenever anything gets close (such as a hat or my hand) is a real pain. Also the way they pull away from my ears when I take off my glasses or finish a phone call. But they do improve my hearing so I put up with it, with a lot of swearing!

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I too get days when I would love to chuck them, but they are better than nothing so I keep perservering. My hearing was affected suddenly almost 3 years ago after the onset of Wegeners GPA, and despite treatment my hearing has not improved. I have had grommets inserted three times which are amazing but unfortunately only last about 6 months. Now I am considering having T junction/long term grommets inserted, and am wondering if anyone has had these and would recommend them or not? The ENT consultant didn't sound too keen initially because he said they are much more likely to cause infection, yet the last doctor I saw in the same department seemed quite optimistic. Hoping someone can give me someone can give me some positive feedback.


Yes I get like that with mine , I was at ear clinic today I've got eustacion tube dysfunction and it's the noises that bother me like a hissing coming from it so don't bother but been told I will have to wear it for the hearing loss


The hissing can't be nice to live with, is there anything they can do for it?

Do you have one or two aids, have you had them long?


I know what you mean. I absolutely hate my aids and not just because they can be seen but they don't deliver the precise hearing I want and you don't get much sympathy from the NHS audiologist. Some days when I do wear them I get very courageous and don't care who sees them and then other days when I am very conscious of them as they are seen to be for the elderly. I have to be honest though, I have seen many young people wearing them and they seem to be wearing them as a badge of honour, if you know what I mean. I still use my headphones (without the aids) when watching television because the sound is fantastic. Isn't it frustrating though when everyone is having a good laugh and you don't know what they're laughing at? Or, when people around you can hear perfectly well in a crowded room or noisy eatery and you can't. The only thing I can say to you is that you are not alone, believe me.


It is frustrating isn't it, I know hearing aids don't give a fix like glasses do but some days they seem like they just make it worse.

I have just got some new ones and now have earmoulds fitted and it does seem better, although they are now far more visible.

How long have you had hearing aids?



Hello Mark, I've had my hearing aids for about 6 long years.