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Myopia IS reversible

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Hello everybody

I just wanted to tell anyone who might be interested that myopia IS, in fact, reversible.

I follow the program at and have reduced my diopters from -7.00 to -4.50 in 6 months.

I was not only sick and tired of wearing glasses/contacts, but also started to fear retinal detachment, which was given as a risk over -6.00 patients.

I investigated LASIK too, but neither the doctors nor the internet findings and feedbacks from real people gave me enough confidence that it is side-effects-free procedure. Which is not, of course...

But is without side effects.

The worst thing that could happen is that you get bored and eventually quit to select LASIK, as it would not be a quick-fix solution many dream of.

Nevertheless, it is quick enough for me, as 2.50 diopters in 2 months (more than 30%) was much more than I could imagine and even more than the program was offering.

Check Jake Steiner videos on Youtube and check for detailed info and scientific studies and references.

Myopia is not an illness. Your eyes are not broken. You are not a genetic failure. You do not have to get your eyes burned.

You will be fine