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What's Your Favorite Health Website?

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Welcome to the HealthWeb Navigator community! I’m Nate, and I’m responsible for the editorial side of our operation. I manage the usability and content reviews produced by our expert panel of reviewers and also contribute to a share of our community outreach.

Let’s kickstart this community with some feedback from our users. Since HealthWeb Navigator collects and reviews medical websites, we were wondering what health-related websites are popular right now. If there’s a health website you visit regularly, consider introducing yourself below and sharing which websites you recommend!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Heather and I am the Project Manager for HealthWeb Navigator. I try to keep everything running smoothly and help direct the review process. Our biggest goal is to help consumers and medical professionals to find accurate healthcare information online.

We see many healthcare sites but one that stands out to me would be the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation: jdrf.org/

I feel it is a very well done site and has a lot to offer for users. You can see our full review of this website at healthwebnav.org/single-lis...

So please feel free to introduce yourselves and let us know which health websites are your favorite!

The jdrf.org site you mentioned has an information pack from Novo Nordisk. I received pre-diabetes training from them in 2011 as a Health Trainer. I consider this training ahead of its time, and the advice to keep carbohydrate intake between 12 and 14 portions per day (a portion contains 10g carbohydrate) among the most useful.

This is compatible with the Public Health Collaboration guidelines released last year phcuk.org/

I wish you luck with your venture, because determining what is reliable information is not going to be easy. IMHO websites such as NHS Choices that are usually touted as being reliable, underpinned by an extensive (PHE) evidence base, are simply biased; they ignore evidence contrary to their opinion.

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Personally I'm a fan of the Center for Young Women's Health youngwomenshealth.org Great information for teens and adults, with a surprisingly broad scope and intuitive browsing experience.

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The Mayo clinic pages at mayoclinic.org/diseases-con... are easy to find and easy to use. I think that generally the information is about right for people who are not medical experts but want to understand more about their diagnosis.

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Great pick! It's definitely a reader-friendly yet authoritative website.