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As the healthcare industry becomes more complicated, many patients are spending a larger portion of their own money to cover medical costs and less time receiving the care they need. One result of this trend is that an estimated one-third of the U.S. population now turns to the internet as a health resource to diagnose and learn more about health conditions. Some major challenges that consumers now face include understanding medical costs and conditions, finding the right doctor or hospital, and accessing the appropriate avenues of help.

The internet is a useful tool, but it can be difficult to determine which websites are the most reliable. Our goal is to help consumers find only the most helpful information available online for their healthcare needs.

HealthWeb Navigator is a free, non-profit service funded by grants, donations, and significant effort from volunteers. Our goal is to help consumers become more informed about health care. However, we claim no responsibility for any website’s content, including medical advice. You should discuss all medical concerns with your healthcare provider.

Consumers can use this community to keep up-to-date with those websites we review, as well as engage in discussion about which websites are or are not helpful based on personal experience. We also encourage users to offer feedback on those articles we publish and share through our social media channels. Additionally, our team looks forward to incorporating websites submitted for review within this community, as we continually seek to expand the size and scope of our collection.

Content posted by individual members does not represent the views of HealthWeb Navigator or HealthUnlocked.

Posting content on this community is taken as your agreement to post information that is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge, and is primarily drawn from personal experience. You are encouraged to post content about your own experience with healthcare, ask questions, and offer support and advice.

Content should never be abusive, derogatory, sexually explicit or suggestive, or deliberately misleading. If you believe someone else’s content violates this rule, please report it via the “Report Abuse” option or via the “Feedback” button. Content that is felt to violate this policy will either be edited or removed. All feedback reports are read by moderators and it is their judgement on what action, if any, is taken.