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Lovely Weather :-)

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Hi everyone,

It is lovely weather at the moment, and I enjoyed this walk on the weekend.

Zest :-)

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That looks glorious Zest 👍❤️🏖️Why go abroad, when people can have a beautiful holiday on Guernsey 👍🏖️💕

Blue sea, great nature walks, gorgeous food on our doorstep! Just a beautiful island 😍

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ZestAdministrator in reply to Snowdrops_17

Hi Snowdrops_17

It was a lovely walk thanks, and I hope you're enjoying the weekend.

Zest :-)

Lovely to see photographs of your walk Zest, glad you are enjoying the beautiful weather 🙋💞

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ZestAdministrator in reply to JKW1


Thanks, it was enjoyable.

Zest :-)

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