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I am on my rollercoaster again at the moment for the past five days I have been unable to judge my partners moods. To be honest his moods have mainly been agitated or distant. A lot of his time he spends glued to the tv, I have had to rest. When I've called him in it can feel like I'm daring to interrupt him. He will come bursting in with annoyance on his face. I have had to get up a few times to play with our dog. I am disabled and have to walk with a walking frame. As I was trying to play with her he was glued to the tv. Sometimes it feels like life is so bloody unfair, he's going to his activity group this afternoon and I'm looking forward to some time without him.

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Do you think he could be depressed?


Possibly he never wants to talk, he doesn't tell me much it can feel like he's a stranger. Sometimes when he's having a conversation with someone else either if we're out or on the phone I get to hear of things I didn't know, and he swears blind he's told me. We go through these moods swings, and I find them exhausting now. If I ask him if he's ok, or is their anything wrong, or he looks annoyed he will just explode. So for my sanity I back off, he is out at his group at the moment and my first response is right I'll get some jobs done, even though my body feels exhausted at the moment. I've given in and decided I'm not going to spend this time doing jobs, I'm going to relax and recuperate and not beat myself up for not doing anything.

How are you doing hun xx


I have a husband just the same, never tells me anything and then when he does he gets it wrong. he forgets everything I tell him too.

I've got problems with my mother too. Got a call from her nursing home this morning to say she had lost her purse and they had searched everywhere for it. Last week she insisted that she had sent me money for my birthday - first she said it was a cheque (she doesn't have a chq bk). Then it was cash, then she had given it to friends to bring to me - they knew nothing about it. Then she had posted it, I haven't had it. Either way there was all her notes missing from her purse (about £20). Then she told me she had had to pay £15 to the hospital for her visit. I couldn't convince her she didn't pay for a hospital visit and besides, if she had sent me all her money, how could she pay the hospital. She had another little purse with her change in it - just £4 or £5 and that is missing today. I know it was there last week as I checked to see if she had old £1 coins.

Do I create a fuss at the home on the assumption that the money has been stolen? Do I assume that mum sent it to someone or even to me and it was stolen at the post office or has she done something else with it?

Oh life is never simple is it.

Hope you've enjoyed your 'man-less' day.



Hi angelfish, whilst reading your numerous posts, I get the impression that you appear to be going around and around in circles, and my head spins. I sincerely recommend that you either start a personal journal to deal with your roller coaster emotions or else drag your partner along with you to a counsellor where you can both receive real life feedback/assistance and it may help you both respectfully deal with your current unhelpful social circumstances. I do not intend to speak out of turn here. However, your posts are becoming a negative pattern which does not promote well being for you, your partner and your audience here.

Go easy on yourself and your partner. Life is too short.


I am sorry that I have caused this kind of feeling it was not my intention, I will deal with this externally


i agree that a counsellor can do much to help improve the communication challenges

good luck to you!


Hi angel, sorry your having such a rough time, all I can say is life is too short to be miserable, you need to put yourself first, and make sure you get your me time, chin up, Alice xx


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