Moments of crazy

Does anyone else get moments of thinking to oneself "oh it can't be as bad as I remember, surely I'm over reacting to this whole gluten thing, a small bit can't hurt really." I'm an all or nothing kinda gal, and when I accidently eat gluten I know about it very quickly, but when I'm cooking or out n about (normally in the cake isle lol) it's like a part of my brain is trying to convince me it's all in my mind. Is this normal or am I a freak?

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  • Hi Ummijam, I don't question how badly gluten affects me as I KNOW. But like the majority I do feel that it's not fair being a coeliac and I wish that I could eat anything and again this is human nature. So don't beat yourself up over negative feelings, accepting ourselves and our needs is part and parcel of life and life as a coeliac.

    So you're in good company on here as we have so may shared emotions that are whoosh way above the heads of most wheaties. And lots of coeliac complain of being made to feel neurotic about their fear of food and being made ill by food of an unknown source, when this is self preservation plain and simple.

  • Thanks jerry.

  • On those occasions that I've questioned if the gluten intolerance is real, my body is quick to reassure me that I can't handle either gluten or dairy.

    Start a logbook and record all your food, including those "I'll sneak this freebie - just one won't hurt " moments. Note the time.

    Monitor all your symptoms and record them as well including the time.

    You will see symptoms show up within 48 hours after the offending food. Typically more like 3 hours.

    Brain fog is the one symptom for me that confused me until I correlated it with either gluten or dairy.

  • Thanks :) yes I keep a food/symptom diary. I'm thinking of making it a blog so Dr can have easy access and I can waste less paper lol. Then can put my food experiments and track weight and calorie intake also. I'm not sure yet.

  • Oh yes BRIAN FOG ....its hideous . Its the worse thing . Dairy does it to me. Tried twice now to re introduce dairy back into my diet. Never ever ever again !

    Interesting how many people are affected by both dairy and gluten hey ?

  • I have no doubt at all. My body is in recovery, so no, I'm not tempted to indulge. More than anything I miss a beer and that's a lot to do with the social aspect.

  • Ha Ha Ha its normal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just DON'T DO IT *** DON'T EAT GLUTEN****

    Anyhows its probably not as yum as you remember.

    Im a gluten free and dairy free zone but I make sure I eat better than ever. I don't shop at the supermarket : I buy all organic fruit and veg. The flavour and textures are divine, so I don't crave cake or sweet things anymore. Good food, real food, glorious food has taken over.

    Yum yum yum

  • Whenever I'm tempted I just remember how much I can remember now lol :) Thanks :)

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