Gluten Free Guerrillas

How many of you order GF prescription food?

If so what? If not why not? Do you agree with some PCT's restrictions to basics e.g. GF Flour, bread to save on costs. Are these cuts good - could they increase supermarket Free From offers further? Or is it restricting Coeliacs especially children from items like GF pizza bases, biscuits so they can 'fit in' with their friends and lead a more normal social life? Are you happy with the cuts yet wish GF breakfast cereals were available?

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I order baguettes, flour and rich tea biscuits on prescription. I disagree with different restrictions being applied by different PCTs. All coeliacs are the same so we should all receive the same treatment, shouldn't we, regardless of where we live.

I agree I don't need the biscuits - they're 'nice' to have but not necessary. But this is because my wife can, and does, cook anything with the gluten free flour. I seem to have to watch what I eat more nowadays as I put on weight more easily, so I treat cakes as a rare treat. I don't have a social life any more. CD took care of that. I now have GF oats for breakfast because I believe they are good. I do'nt like paying £3.00 for a packet though, whilst ordinary oats are much cheaper. It would be good to get oats on prescription.


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