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Shrove Tuesday Pancakes!

Shrove Tuesday Pancakes!

Today can fill newbie Coeliacs and children with dread. Whilst friends and family stock up on supermarket offers for making gluten pancakes - where does a newbie Coeliac start? Well as our facebook page profiled at the weekend there are luckily a whole host of gluten free bloggers that have tried and tested gluten free pancakes that work so no Coeliac should feel left out.

So just in case any of you have decided it's too much 'faff and hassle' here's some tips and handy links to inspire you to make some gorgeous gluten free

pancakes...Yep the pic is our first ever attempt at gf pancakes and they were yum!

PREP: 2mins

- use a good solid frying pan eg 20cm base

- kitchen paper

- palette knife

- ladle

- measuring jug

- scales

CREPES: 10 mins mix, 5 mins cooking, 2 mins scoffing!

(makes 4-6 pancakes)

We've tried this based on one of Phil Vickery's recipes and it was actually pretty nice. Blander than you'd remember real pancakes as it uses rice flour - yet it makes them a great canvass for your toppings. Not as bouncy in texture as it doesn't contain the gloopy gluten yet really really nice and very moreish! Unlike much gf bread this was a delight. After we'd covered them in a variation of a) fresh lemon juice and sugar or b) nutella spread and folded into a goey triangle we didn't even notice these were gf! We just scoffed the lot!!

90g gf flour eg rice or a mix of flours eg buckwheat and rice

pinch of salt

35g cornflour

2 large or medium eggs at room temperature

200ml semi skimmed milk

3 table spoons of veg oil or 50g butter

*add caster sugar/ lemon juice and wedges to serve (or add your own toppings)

METHOD for these:

>weigh and add the gf flour into a mixing bowel add a good pinch of salt or lo-salt

> add the cornflour and stir together

>create make a well in the centre of bowel of dry gf flour

> add both the whole egg/s (you can briefly mix them first if you like)

> slowly add 3/4 of the milk to the egg and draw in the flour very gradually

> whisk together by a firm hand or by machine

> it should look like double cream (add more milk if need be)

> now add the butter / oil to a pan and warm it

Ready to roll...!

To cook...

> Heat a heavy 6-inch / 20cm frying pan

> Lightly grease with oil or butter and put a good tablepsoon of batter in the middle

> roll the pan to coat the surface evenly, then keep over the heat until the pancake is brown on the underside

> Now loosen around the edge with a palette knife

> feeling co-ordinated? Well flip and turn over or use an old pizza knife to help you and brown the other side

> Slide the pancake onto a wire cake rack or a plate and scoff

You can stack pancakes on top of the other and wrap in a clean tea towel until wanted. Or dish up as you go and enjoy with your favourite savory or sweet gf toppings!


- the first pancake should be given or thrown away. Don't ask us why but the first one is always duff

- stuffed? save the mix, cover and place in fridge and use for breaki, mmm mmm

Note: The great thing is the rest of our friends and family merrily stuck to their pre-made/ pre-packed (gluten) pancakes and confessed ours were the best!


4oz rice flour

2oz plain gluten-free flour mix

2oz buckwheat flour

(*actually a part of the rhubarb family and not a grain at all!)

Pinch salt

1 teaspoon sugar

1 tablespoon gluten-free baking powder

1oz butter, melted then cooled

2 eggs, whisked

Half pint milk

LINKS: (Phil's book)


Tell us what you your favourite recipe is?

Or do you loathe pancakes and cook something else instead?


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