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please help or advice

was being listened too properly by doctors and almost felt ridiculed cause they couldnt help so i stopped seeking advice,but now ive to admit defeat cause i chi, im hoping you can give me some advice please,ive had a lump on my collar bone now for over a yr it started of like a pea size but it has grown quiet large now and over the months it has become extremly painful to the point it brings me to tears,its like a non stop constant ache and the bone hurts pretty bad, i have had several tests done but that was over a yr ago and they couldnt find anything but could feel the lump,it got to the stage were i gave up trying to find out as i felt like i an no longer stand the pain it is causing me,im constantly tired and find myself short of breath quite a lot just lately,but it seems to get worse when i lie down on a night to go to sleep,im at my wits end and fed up of feeling so low and not well all the time i feel its taking over my life please can you give me some kind of advice ,