Community Guidelines

The aim of the Gender Identity(GI) community is to provide a supportive, friendly, and informative environment for people affected by Gender Identity, in any of its many guises. The community exists for those who want to find out more about this subject.

All communities need rules, and our rules are quite simple:

Things that you Can, and Should, do.

By using this community you agree to post information that is primarily drawn from your personal experience. Experience is always better advice than conjecture.

Please try to keep your posts under the topic headings, this ensures that similar posts are grouped together and makes finding information easier. If your post fits into multiple topics, select as many as are relevant.

If you have a new issue, or a new question; create a new post. Please do not try to tag new information onto older posts. Your issue, or question, could easily get lost and then you, and others with a similar issue fail to get the benefit they would otherwise have received from the community.

Things that you Can Not, and Should Not, do.

Do not post Abusive, Malicious, or, deliberately Misleading content and information.

Community members should not post their personal contact information in a community post, though you may do so through the private messaging system found under your profile.

Community members posting, and / or answering, questions on this community should not be assumed to be health professionals. All post authors should be accepted as 'lay individuals'.

Report ALL Abuse.

Abuse of any sort will not be tolerated in this community. This a safe environment for us all, you should report any abusive, or inappropriate, posts to the community Admin Team. From time to time your views on a subject may be challenged, this is good. When challenge is applied in the right way we all get to benefit from the healthy discussion that follows.

Do not Forget.

We are all here because we seek the advice and support of other like minded individuals.

We (the Admin Team) will help where necessary, but please try to adhere to the rules of the HealthUnlocked forum. These can be summarised in just a few words... Treat each other with Respect.

Thank you all for your contributions and for helping each other. The community has potential to be a great resource, and an aid to people who have been searching, sometimes for years, for help. Let's try to build on this....

Admin Team.

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