FPA Contraception

Want to go back onto the combined pill?

Hi, I was on the combined pill for a few years. I had had migraines before this, and one day my doctor asked if I'd had migraines on the pill and I said yes and she took me off of the combined pill and moved me onto the POP. She knew I'd had migraines before, and this was 3 years later after being on the pill. I am 19. So I am now on the POP and have been for the past year. A few months ago I called NHS direct because my migraines had not gone away with the change. I only get migraines about twice a week. They told me to get an eye test. I went to get an eye test and have astigmatism in both eyes. I have had glasses for the past 3 months and I no longer have migraines. The POP gives me so many side effects, for one I've gained about 2st in weight and my mood has been affected. I've also got bad acne. I have been to the doctor about these symptoms but there was nothing to be done. Now that I no longer have migraines with my glasses, do you think I could go back to the combined pill? What should I ask? I don't want to have to turn to buying the pill from online pharmacies because that will be my last hope with contraception.