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If your doctor or referring health care provider decides you need home health care, they should give you a list of agencies that serve your area. If they suggest an agency or give you a list, they must tell you whether their organization has a financial interest in that agency.

Use Home Health Compare to find out more about each agency and talk to your doctor or other health care provider about the information you find here. Keep these things in mind:

•There are differences in how home health agencies operate and the services they provide. Look closely at each agency and the services they offer, discuss your options with your doctor or other health care provider, and choose the agency that best meets your needs. Your choice should be honored by your doctor, hospital discharge planner, or other referring agency. There are 198 Medicare Home Health Agencies in Palm Beach County. It is Patient Choice NOT Doctor Choice. A Patient may select any agency they wish. Be careful at the hospitals and rehab facilities, as many discharge planners seem partial to only a few home health agencies based on who the marketing rep is for the many agencies not to mention what the marketing rep gives the discharge planner to promote their business.

•Your choices may be limited by agency availability, or by your insurance coverage. Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare health plans, or other health insurance plans may require that you get home health services from agencies they contract with. Call your plan for more information.

•Check the Resources section for a glossary (list of terms), helpful publications, related websites, and more.

•The information in Home Health Compare should be looked at carefully. Use it with the other information you gather about home health agencies. Talk to your doctor or other health care provider about the information on Home Health Compare.

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