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Hi all

Just about to take my first dose of methotrexate and I'm a bit apprehensive. What should I expect within the coming days?

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I have methotrexate injections as the tablets gave me a bad stomach due to having diverticulitis, but I've been ok on the injections they just had to lower the dose for a while as my blood count went low but no bad side affects hope this helps as I know everyone reacts differently

I’ve been on methotrexate for 30 years and it made quite difference. Over 6 weeks I went up to 22.5 if I stop taking it I know that I have

BUT it may well effect your immune system

BUT you may need to stop it either side of an op as it can effect healing

BUT it can effect your lungs. At the end of last year I started a long period in ICU and I have now been told I have pulmonary fibrosis caused by either icu trauma or methotrexate or both. Currently waiting to see a respiratory specialist

I have been on MTX since first diagnosed with RA at age 66. I was started on a small dose which was slowly increased. I suffered through 6 to 7 months before feeling any relief. Since then, things just improved dramatically. After 8 months on oral MTX , finally at 20mg/week, I was in remission. Only occasionally would I experience any pain or swelling, except mildly in my feet and hands. The only side effects that I noticed was hair loss, or thinning. I gladly traded the loss of widespread tendonitis/inflammation for a nearly pain free existence. After approximately 9 years on only Methotrexate, I developed widespread tendonitis/inflammation at multiple sites, including hands, wrists, biceps, shoulders, knees, ankles, and feet. It felt about the same as when I was first diagnosed, except there was more involvement now. My doctor added hydroxychloroquine 200 mg twice daily. After 5 or 6 weeks, I was left with minimal swelling in my right index finger. Now, after 4 or 5 months of the combination, I am once again in remission. Just wanted to relay some positive information on the older dmards that can produce good, long lasting results. While these drugs may not work this well for everyone, they are certainly worth a try. I believe I would have been better served if my rheumatologist had increased my methotrexate dosage at a faster pace. Best of luck to you, Papaloo. It's scary to begin with, but as you read more and more about the disease and the medications used, you will be more at ease.

I contracted RA back in 1981 and am now 72. There was a lot of experimentation going on back in those days. If you took MTX you couldn’t have any of the other more powerful drugs then there was a change in attitude and a move to a trio of core drugs, MTX, Hydro’ and alendronic acid and folic acid to counter the effects plus a whole range of anti inflammatories.

And of course you have to have annual eye tests.

My hips are 28 years old, I have a reverse shoulder, fused wrists, damaged tendons and fused toes. And my back could be better but I have fought it all my life and despite the pain continue to do as much as I can when I can. What has affected me more is heart problems which have been harder to cope with and has effected my RA medication.

Meditation and breathing exercises do help and so does your state of mind.

I am more accepting of asking for help when I just can’t do things

How’s it going?

Haven't had the best of starts to be honest. My first dose of 20mg MTX totally wiped me out. I had extreme nausea, splitting headache, a whole body rash and I feltlike I slept away 3 days on and off.

My second dose caused mouth ulcers and an abcess on a tooth. To say i was in a bit of a state was an understatement!

I then had to stop MTX to go on antibiotics but had to take 2 courses to get myself back to where i was.

Rheumy nurse wanted me to stick with MTX but try 15mg instead. I took it Monday and did have some nausea on Tuesday but not like before. I'm hoping it remains this way or they will have to find my another drug which I can tolerate.

My experience was different. I wasn’t allowed to start on a big dose. I can’t remember now but I finished up on 22.5 but over 6 weeks without problems. Also MTX the dose should be based on weight.