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I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) at 26

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Hello everyone! I hope you are well and safe.

Please check the video below as this was made by my friend AnaMaria and she is putting into works her experience with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her progress is fantastic and she wants to share with everyone and help others in need.


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Hi Dani! Pooja this side (founder of FieryBones). Thank you so much for sharing the video with the viewers. It is truly moving and I am glad your friend is now on a recovering path. I wish her all the best. I would love to host this video on FieryBones website (fierybones.com) as well. Let me know if your friend would like to host it there and inspire many other viewers.

Hello Pooja! Thank you for the lovely wishes. I did have a word with her and she is thrilled. When she decided to share the experience on her YouTube channel this was the main reason to help others by sharing her progress and experience. Please share the video with the community and thank you very much for the opportunity. Let me know if you want to get in touch with her.

Thank you so much for sharing. I would be interested in hearing what you did to cleanse/detox your body please. Sending you lots of positive energy.