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Newly diagnosed

Hi all.i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a month back.i also suffer from anxiety and depression quite severe which has an impact on my health too! I am constantly aching and in pain and sometimes get episodes of overwhelming tiredness so bad that I just start crying! I have two young children age 4 and 1 And feel like I’m failing them because a lot of the time I don’t have the energy to make it out the House some days :( I am 21 and feel like my life has just been ripped away from me and also my anxiety is telling me that it must be something serious to feel this bad every day! 😒

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Welcome, there is the possibility that you are overwhelmed right now with the shock of the diagnosis combined with anxiety and depression. That is a lot to deal with and self-care will be important. Eating nutritionally, resting, hydration.

Is your husband supportive? Do you have a circle of friends on whom you can rely?

I am new also to this particular community but have enjoyed warm and wonderful support from other communities under the umbrella of HealthUnlocked. You will find lots of understanding and support here from others struggling with similiar issues. In sharing our own experiences, strength and hope we help each other to cope.

I understand your feeling like you are failing your children - but focus on what you are capable of doing instead of feeding your anxiety or depression. You are so young and dealing with an overwhelming amount of things - you were wise to reach out and come here.


I can relate to ur health conditions. You are not alone