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While on IVF, have you used an app to help communicate with your clinic? (appointment reminders, tips, medication alerts and messaging)

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It was easier than leaving a message and waiting for someone to call me back every time I needed to speak to them!

Our clinic use and app called Salve that reminds you of your appointments and when to take your medicine. Quite useful!

Due to work I was unable to call every time I had a question so found it very helpful

I liked being able to double check my medications and tick them off as I went

Yep worked well

Yes , worked very well

This sounds like a great idea. It can be such a stressful time and so sometimes remembering everything can be difficult. Having an app with appointment reminders, medical and or medicine advice would be very useful.

The onltly reminder via text i got from the clinic was when egg collection was and the prep for it. And yes it was helpful

It wasn't that helpful. I preferred to call and ask.

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It wasn’t an app, but it was online via the website. I didn’t find it particularly useful as I wasn’t notified when anything was put on there, so didn’t know to go check. I prefer to speak to people.

Using the Salve app and it's amazing! Reminders help me track my medication/appointments and the chat feature makes it much easier to speak to staff at the clinic!

I'm first week into first IVF cycle and am finding the Salve app useful to check what medication I need to take as well as messenging nurse if I've got a query - they were very quick to reply. It also has my upcoming scans on there.

So quick easy and gave me confidence with administering the meds.

Yea it's a online portal rather than an app- but i like it. Better than leaving voice mails and missing return calls. Good to have things written down too as a reassurance.

My clinic use Mediemo and it has been helpful during the drug cycles as it issues reminders etc. It also has some advice pages and question pages too which have been reassuring or helpful at times. However, it is clunky and clearly needs some technical updates. There is no ability to 'communicate' with the clinic on this app though.

It was quicker than a call back and to answer questions, it helped that I could read them back too. Also received results online.

The idea of an app is good for appointments and medication etc but it needs to be adminstered well too. My clinic used one and the would often forget to update it after scan/bloods reviews which led me to not trust it. They also used it for teach videos for the meds but i found some of my meds weren't on there but a similar one was but needed mixing differently. All in all made it pretty confusing and not a good experience.

I wouldn't want to use a chat facility really as you can't beat talking to someone, especially about medical things. Would hate for them to mis understand over chat and give thd wrong advice.

Anything would be good with regard to the clinic I'm with, given that they are terrible at communicating!