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Help with EHCP


Hi All,

I am wondering if someone can help me. I am trying to get an EHCP in place for my 7 year old son. We do not have a diagnoses of FASD, although he has been refered to Dr Mukerjee's clinic , and we are waiting for an appointment. He is struggling emotionally and socially in school which is effecting his learning. He now has a 1 to 1 TA. However, the school Senco keeps telling me that hw does not meet the criteria. I have managed to convince them to apply, but feel that they realky do not know what to put on the forms. What have other parents stated on the forms, apart from the obvious behaviour issues?

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Hello RM, the school should have already noticed memory issues - the inability to retain learned knowledge - but it may take more formal testing by the school to uncover that aspect fully and ring their alarm bells. Certainly push the SENCO to get Ed Psych involved early and get a formal report from them as that will carry a lot of weight.

I'm afraid it took four years to get my daughters EHCP, but just keep chiseling away at the school, doctor, and your local authority.


Hi, we have just been through the process and have now got an EHCP and special school placement for our 5 year old. I found the Ipsea website extremely helpful for outlining LA and school duties and for helping us through the whole process. It will also tell you how to appeal if they initially say no. Hope all goes well and good luck :)

Hello rm7727

We are just in the process of completing our EHCP, thus has took us three years to complete. Our local Peaditrican was very reluctant to diagnose FAS at first and the first diagnosis we had was possible ARND. We would say do some research , can you confirm any alcohol was consumed during pregnancy? Once you have this ask to be referred to genetics as they can give the rubber stamp diagnosis.

It is a long hard road , so we wish you the best of luck.

Regards d

contact the FASD Trust they have a trustee and a couple of staff members who can help you / advise you. send an email to

Hi there,

You need to write a list under the following headings;

1) physical disabilites (attach hospital appt letters etc),

2) mental disabilities (receptive/expressive language problems/learning needs),

3)behavioural disabilities (social and emotional needs ie meltdowns/immaturity etc)

4)Examples of sensory processing difficulties (overwhelmed by noise, smells, sounds, touch, taste etc)

5)Also attach information from school (letters to school advising of concerns/problems) ie. difficulties during unstructured times etc

6)Also, evidence of your child's pre natal exposure to alcohol/suspected exposure to alcohol, if your child is adopted/fostered, include the legal reason for the removal of your child from their birth home ie photocopy page from permanence report info (as this may clearly state that one of the reasons for removal was alcohol) This will also help with the diagnosis at the genetics clinic.

7)Include the referral letter to Raja Mukherjees clinic.

8) This will provide the information to the school, which they can then easily transfer onto their forms (ie best if you write it for them).

I hope this helps.

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