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Hi, have you all seen that The FASD Trust has set up a whole separate project for its education work? Take a look at fasdineducation.co.uk. They have launched a programme for teachers and schools called FASD in Education Champions and have a kite marking scheme coming out. Training in 2017 will take place in Oxford, Chelmsford, Cardiff, Southampton, Edinburgh, Plymouth and Leeds.

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Hi all

Yes this is fantastic idea by the FASD trust. In our experience we gave all the details to the school and we even offered to pay for the senco teacher, so she could be fully informed of the condition.

She was so far up herself , that all the information we supplied to the school was not dissimenated to the other teachers. We bought Julia's book: we copied information; we searched for more information ; all was given to the school. Nothing was shared to the teachers!

we think it is fantastic what the FASD trust are doing, in our experience it is just hard trying to get some Senco teachers to actual admit they are wrong, and FASD is real!

Rant over , regards d

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