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Long Term Facial Palsy


It's been 14 years since Bell's palsy happened to me. The right side of my face has completely damaged making it difficult to make facial expression. The doctors said there's no way to cure it but suggested some exercise instead. Also I believe that exercising can help me to get through this. But whenever I try to massage my face with oil and also exercise i end up getting a continuous pain in my eyes, around the ears and the neck too. And then I loose hope and stop it!!.. Please tell me is it normal? I don't know what to do...

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Hi. I am 14 years out of Bell’s palsy as well. However my left side was affected. I tried acupuncture with electric pulses which did not help. The ONLY thing that helped me was cranial sacral work. It relaxes your entire head. 14 years later I still have it done as I have synkenisis. I just tried Botox about 3 months ago to try and even out my smile and was very pleased. Different things work for different people. The best of luck to you.

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