Anstamosis hypoglossa

Anstamosis hypoglossa

I had an acoustic neuroma removed 20 years ago. 6 months later I had an anstamosis hypoglossal. I think that's how you spell it! Basically the nerve from my tongue connected to my facial nerve. This has given me fantastic eye closure and no need for weights, it gave me back my muscle definition in my cheek and overall I'm happy with the results and very minimal visible scarring. This procedure doesn't seem to be used any more and I was wondering if anyone knows why?

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  • hi..i need your help regarding the process of anastomosis you did, my wife had a brain surgery 5 months ago, acoustic neuroma, the tumor has been successfully removed 3.2cm, now she is left with facial pasy, i could assume the same as you had, i contacted the surgeon and he suggested to do anastomosis or plastic surgery, so yes i am concerned will it work, but from your story seems like it did work, please may i have more info, my email address is you.shashi.

  • Yes it did work and I have been very pleased with the results, I had it done 6months after my original surgery which I think gives it the best chance to work. I will send you an email as soon as I get to my computer. But facial palsy UK website has some information on it! I had this done about 13years ago and my memory is not brilliant but I'm only too happy to help if I can!

  • hi...please contact me with details of the doctor who did it for you..thank you..shashi

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