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Coming back..

Hi, lovely ladies here! I haven't been to the board for some time, and would like to give a little background for recognition. I'm not new to infertility and fertility treatments. Our story started years ago when after 1.9 years TTC we had to begin consulting docs in order to find out the issues. My dh was ok, his swimmers just perfect. And I was diagnosed on luteal phase deffect. Ladies always say this is not a big deal, and it really is. Adding some progesterone is useless when they give only 10% verdict of conceiving with oe. Because of this we had to turn to egg donation. The decision of using another woman's eggs was not easy. At that time I had another situation by my side. This was my true friend who after 7 years of struggling adopted a child. So I was hesitating.. Though egg donation keeps genetic relation.. Also my favourite quote played the role; When the world says 'give up', hope whispers 'try it one more time'. So we did. It took us 2 shots to conceive beautiful twins. And now when our family seems to be completed I feel 'urgent' to have more babies. Dh is absolutely for the idea. So here we go.. another journey, the same clinic, hopefully the same people.. We're confident with the place as were successful with them. But honestly I do worry how it all will pass to us this time as time never plays on our side. We really need some support and more successful stories to keep strong. Wish everyone here a lucky year! Waiting for the rainbow..

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Oh, that..I'm sorry. Thought this board is still alive..2 months passed and no reply. I'm really sad. This place looked so much different even a year ago..Still waiting for someone here.