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Please sign 😇

Hi all, 

I am sorry to bleet like a sheep lol but petition is struggling at the mo at 1,870 signatures. Government set crazy limit of 10,000!

I have tried to amend the wording as having spoken to several couples we should all be entitled to the 3 NICE recommended cycles of NHS funded IVF. 

Equality for all couples across the uk irrelevant of sexuality, post code and whether or not u have children from previous relationship/s

We all have the right to access our NHS for what we may need it for 💜💙 

Please sign it's only an email address and name and thank you all who have as I do not get to see who has placed votes. 

Help me to be your voice Please 

All my love for your journeys 

Sam xxx

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wish I could sign again xxx


Oh bless you thank you lol. Have done an article in the daily mail where petition is mentioned in hope to get some more signatures fingers crossed xxx

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Great stuff - if you paste in the link to a new comment I can also share it on our Fertility Facebook page 'essential fertility'


Hopefully this works. Thank you dearly as always for your support xxx

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I've already posted the petition and it got lots of engagement so hopefully people signed it and shared x


That's wonderful news thank you dearly for your support and help 😇Xxx


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