Hi guys after some advice I had an operation last month and the day after I come on, I was 11 days early I mentioned it to nurse in hospital and she said it was normal after an operation. Would this be my normal period or cus of an operation. For the last week I've itchy boobs and stomach really annoying any advice is helpful. I also done a pregnancy test 2 days ago and was negative

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  • Dear kacey2016, sorry for the slow reply. We've been at a conference. Have you been back to your doctor or carried out another pregnancy test? I'm not sure what operation you've had but many procedures on the uterus cause spotting or bleeding afterwards. I hope you've had an update from your medical team since you wrote this?

  • Hi, kacey! First let me say I'm sorry for that you had to go through surgery. I'm a terrible worrier myself, so this is all very scarring for me. Poor thing, dear..

    I guess you should wait for another period. I'm totally for this early one being provoked by the operation. As this is stress for the whole body first. Then I guess this is a great amount of meds they used by performing it.

    I was diagnosed on fallopian tubes blockage one time. They tried to remove it by surgery - finally failed unfortunately. As the benefit from operation wasn't worth future scarrings or sth of this kind. But here the point is that My first period after surgery came 4 days late than the previous one. My next period was 6-7 days earlier. Only the 3rd and all the next ones were just in time up to now.

    I believe this is normal in your case but check it with your doc please.

    Take care, lovely!

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