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School & sen child potty training



My son is coming up 5yr old. He is prescribed nappies from the HV continence team.

School are insisting he should be in pull ups.

He has been following the school routines and sitting in the toilet and pushing out a wee when told. So they see this as readiness.

They change wet nappies at non toilet times.

He is low verbal ASD and unable to recognise or tell the need to go toilet.

He’s just following the routine blindly like a good boy as he knows no different. If they all walked off a cliff he would follow aswell.

I could call a review with the continence team, to upgrade to pull ups. I’m not sure he’s toyally ready yet. Physically he might be but mentally he may not be there yet.

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You know your son best so I would do what ever you think is best

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