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How do you BELIEVE Covid-19 affects your erectile function, emotionally, psychologically, and/or physically?

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Not sure the point of this survey.

DarrylAdministrator in reply to JRPnSD

Thanks for your comment. We're checking in with our community during this unique time of Covid-19 and how it may or may not affect ED. I hope you will take a few seconds to respond.

JPnSD in reply to Darryl

I did respond...but as someone dealing with Advanced Prostae Cancer..and recovery from radical prostatectomy...this is so not on my radar as important. Thanks.

DarrylAdministrator in reply to JPnSD

I respect your concerns about advanced prostate cancer. Please note that this survey was sent to the Erectile Dysfunction support group. I am glad concerns about COVID-19 rank low on your priorities. We have a very large online community. For some, Covid-19 and associated morbidities have become primary.

JRPnSD in reply to Darryl

We are a full spectrum of experiences here. I wish ED were my only concern.

DarrylAdministrator in reply to JRPnSD

Indeed, and I thank you for your reply.

BobJensen in reply to Darryl

Good survey. Thanks. I hope we all stay safe.

Can understand that the extra stress may affect some men. The lock down has had decidedeffect on the mental health of many. Glad to say that non of those issues have overly concerned me

I answered "I have not been diagnosed with Covid-19 but knowing about the virus does not affect my erectile function." as I feel that best fits my situation as there has been no negative impact.

If anything I have noticed better, more frequent erections during lockdown. possibly due to having more rest?

Perhaps I misunderstood the question..

I totally agree with this sentiment and the hypothesis. I have the same experience, with longer and firmer erections

Great. Wow. Enjoy.

Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the erections.