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Please visit my my blog Epilepsy the Unwelcome Visitor and see the first in a series of films that I making to bring epilepsy to the forefront of serous life threatening illnesses.

This has be viewed on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook by simply typing in Epilepsy the Unwelcome Visitor.

Here's wishing you all well, and if you are going through a rough patch, I hope pray that you get better soon.

Take care


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Hi πŸ™‹ Richard I am new to this site so looking forward to getting some advice on how and why is epilepsy came about and treatment for it My partner Sandy has been diagnosed with it for some years now. It is an awful thing for him and myself to live and deal with especially for him I have not had any information about it from the doctors or hospital was never given any advice to be honest we were just told his seizures were epilepsy and a prescription for tablets that was it basically. I feel angry 😠 and hurt for my beloved as he has the illness having this illness is not curable plus can have an impact on things you did before which you have to stop I.e going to discos fairgrounds etc I would love ❀ to get some feedback on the illness if I may would be very grateful thankyou for reading this kind regards and Belated Happy 😊 New Year Elaine and Sandy

Hello Elaine and Sandy,

I will try to help you, but obviously I have to ask you some questions about Samdys epilepsy.

When it was originally diagnosed what evidence the neurologists have?

Did the hospital give Sandy a EEG or an a video telemetry?

Did Sandy have two epilepsy attacks and what type of epilepsy did the hospital neurologist say that it was. Did they say that it was controlled or uncontrolled?

When an attack occurs how does it affect him?

What anti-epilepsy drugs is Sandy taking?

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Here's wishing you both well.