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Too much time off work

I'm sure most of you understand how shit it is to go to work when you're in pain. I am a dental hygienist which I think is a stressful physical and psychological job and in my line of work it's easy to catch colds and hard to work (and quite dangerous) when you have a cold or are in pain. 

A couple of weeks ago I managed to subluxate a few posterior ribs. So am off work. Saw the dr again yesterday who said I can go back to work next week but only for 4 hours a day as 8 hours will be too much especially working in the posture I have to be in. 

Anyway when I told my boss the news. She flipped out at me. Said that that's not helpful and that she'd rather have me there full time or not at all. And that I have had 6 weeks off sick since last August (which is definately true, due to colds, period pain, having my lap op and now my rib injury). And she said that I have caused them to lose $35000! 

I was just shocked by her saying this and I thought to myself I'm pretty sure that is harassment. Just makes me feel worse than I already do. 

Has anyone else ever had problems with their boss having too much time off? 

Thanks :)