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Endo sufferer

Hey ladies.. Just wanted to share my story and would be lovely to hear everyone else's; being a sufferer of endometriosis can sometimes be quite lonely. Having had my 2nd laproscapy in 7 months, with added cystectomy and also the surgeon causing a laceration to my uterus I am in extreme pain as I'm sure many of you can relate to.

Ive just turnt 26 and feel like my body is twice that age. My hopes and prayers are now that I will not any more procedures for a little while 🙏

This condition has jepodised my job and social life dramatically. It needs more awareness I think. Would love to hear what anyone else may think xx

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Hi Lucy 

I am nearly 26. In a similar position as you. Although for my lap op they didn't find anything. Which is good but didn't give me any answers. My boss has said to me that I have had too much time off and cost them $35000. I just posted. I post in the uk version more as I get more replies. 

Have you had anything like this from your boss?