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Hi all my name is leona. Just hav a question. I had a remedial / relaxing massage last week and since then my endo pain has gone from bad to worse. My lower back is killing me and having nasty stomach pains when bending over. Especially when hang out washing. Has anyone ever experienced this after a massage?

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Thanks so much for ur reply. Im going in for surgery 2nd feb. Bn to c a endo specialists and thankfully he had picked up from my last laparoscopy, my endo wasnt all removed. I had a fertility specialist find endo while she was doing the big clean and she removed what she thought. So now that i knw i hav this condition hopefully this specialist will b able to help. He was horrified by the photos that i took frm last laparoscopy that there was so much left.


I tried Arvigo massage therapy and I too found little relief and often hurt worse the following day. They kept telling me to stay with it, but after several visits, I just couldn't take it anymore. I think mine is mostly scar tissue and adhesions.