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I'm dieing

The Drs don't care, the hospitals wave you out the door, the specialists rush you through the appointments. The scans show nothing.

I feel sick and I've had enough.

I feel so full all the time, eating is a challenge. Walking is exhausting. Can't work, can't study, can't do anything. It looks like this is the norm :-(

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I understand completely how you feel. It's just so hard and frustrating when there's no advice or help. Have you tried changing your diet? Im on a completely gluten/cow's dairy free diet now and it's helped me so much with all the symptoms. I also cut down massively on red meat, processed foods, sugar and alcohol, basically anything that's inflammatory. I've recently started acupuncture which seems to be making a big difference too. Let me know if you want more info on the diet x


I been looking into trying a diet for my Endo, what works for you?


I'll try anything! My doctor put me on a "FODMAPS" diet for IBS. But I doubt that its IBS. And its not working, so what do you recommend?


I've heard that diets can change everything! :-)

I should really, but its very hard!

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I'm trying a diet for endometriosis now :-)