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Hi there, I had a 3 month dose injection of zolidex about 2 months ago. My specialist wanted to see if a hysterectomy would solve my 23 years of problems of pelvic pain, endometriosis and ovarian cysts. So we thought mimicking the proceedure would be a good tester. Hot flushes & broken sleep aren't a problem for me but I do have these massive tender breasts now, aching joints & period pain but I have no bleeding. Is this normal. What's you're experiences???

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You may want to have a read of the information the website endometriosis.org/treatment... which discusses this. The endometriosis.org website is an excellent resource for reliable, factual information on endometriosis.

Not sure where you live but there is an excellent book ‘Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain – 2015’ by Dr Susan Evans and Deborah Bush (CEO of Endometriosis NZ) which also discusses GnRH treatments (of which Zoladex is one). Dr Susan Evans is a gynaecologist, laparoscopic surgeon who specialises in pelvic pain pelvicpain.org.au/.

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