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Autoimmune encephalitis by unknown antibody.Has anyone in this community ever had this diagnosis?

Autoimmune encephalitis by unknown antibody. Has anyone in this community ever h...

Encephalitis from Covid

Hi, my dad is in icu from covid, he is not waking from the induced coma, it has ...


Hi, I'm just wondering with Encephalitis whether you're able to drink alcohol, ...

My 21 year old brother has HSE. Mom isn't coping, but I think he seems to be progressing well? Advice/support?

My little brother has had an unknown autoimmune disease since Sept 2017. Somethi...

From a Concerned Father.

My name is Saleem Ahmed. This site has been God send. I wanted to seek about m...
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Who are we? We are the Encephalitis Society - a community dedicated to providing information and support to pe...

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